Meet our Executive Director of Compliance, Tara Bianchino

What is your role here at Newcleus? 
Director of Compliance and Operations

Where are you originally from?
Northeast Philadelphia – Mayfair

What did you do prior to working for Newcleus?
I worked for Northwestern Mutual for 10 years as their operations specialist and then the compliance office, otherwise known as the DNOS (Director of Network office supervision).

What do you like most about working at Newcleus?
The staff! Newcleus has such amazing associates whom I’m happy to call friends as well as co-workers. Being a small company, we have the opportunity to really know one another and work together in many ways to help support Newcleus and our clients.

Tell us two interesting facts about yourself:
1. On of my first jobs was at a roller-skating rink and I was the mascot, I used to roller skate around the rink dressed up like a big purple dinosaur. (It was fun but the costume was super stinky!)

2. When I was in high school, I used to dance on a cable TV show called “Dance Party USA”. Fortunately, the technology back then wasn’t what it is today so there is no proof of my big hair and not-so-great dance moves.